Tennessee Founding Documents

From King George’s Proclamation of 1763 to the earliest purchase of land from Native Americans to the first Constitutions of the State of Tennessee, these are among the most important records from our past. Significant milestones in the formation and early history of the state are presented here for the first time in digital form taken directly from the originals, with full transcription and accompanying historical text. These Landmark Documents are available for citizens and students to search, study, and download.

The series will continue with future installments of Tennessee’s recorded heritage from the 1830s to the Civil War and beyond.

Guide to Tennessee Founding Documents Collection

Transcriptions: Each item has been transcribed and is easily viewed via the transcript box. A link within the description allows for printing PDFs.

Historical Notes: Each item is accompanied with a historical note in order to provide context and the historical significance of each item. These notes are provided in PDF format as well.

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