Silhouette of Andrew Jackson by William Brown
Hand-colored lithograph of the Hermitage, published by James S. Baille.
King Andrew the First
The Modern Balaam and his Ass
Hand-colored engraving of the Battle of New Orleans by Samuel Seymour
Stereograph of Andrew Jackson based on Matthew Brady's daguerreotype
Engraving of Major General Andrew Jackson by James B. Longacre, based on Thomas Sully's painting

Andrew Jackson Collection

Andrew Jackson's influence on Tennessee and the United States was profound and transformative, continuing to this day. From humble frontier beginnings to the highest office in the land, Jackson embodied the American dream. His brilliant military leadership, steadfast political convictions, and penchant for controversy left an indelible mark on our state and early republic. The rich collections of the Tennessee State Library & Archives highlight the people, places, and events that shaped Jackson into an American icon.

This online presentation features rare images of Jackson as a hero from victories over the British and Creeks during the War of 1812, as well as political broadsides depicting him as a villain. Letters show his fiery temper and sense of honor that won him devoted friends and bitter enemies. Other documents reveal the ideology behind the removal of Native Americans from the Southeast and lesser known aspects of Jackson's life such as family, land speculation, and plantation ownership. The 1820s through the 1840s have become known as the Age of Jackson. This collection provides insight into how and why an early Tennessean was accorded such an honor.

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